Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Moved outside...

It's almost spring around here and for where I live that means it's time for spring veggitable planting. We worked like the dickens on Saturday. We tilled the garden and laid down the soaker hose. Then put landscaping fabric down. Finally the boys finally covered it with mulch.

And I read about this method of planting potatoes in a tire. And then as it grows, add another tire on top and then put staw in there. Then add another tire as it grows and put more straw in. Then when it comes to harvesting, pull the tires off and pull the potatoes out of the straw. Now digging in the dirt! Here I have them started in the first tire. I had some long grass leftover from the garden all piled up to use as straw.

Today I got the 4 cabbage and 4 cauliflower plants plus some herbs planted today. Thank goodness that only took 20 minutes. Most of the children are sick with what I feel is the flu and getting these things done is actually quite exhausting. But spring doesn't wait and neither does planting. I have learned from my past mistakes from planting things too late in the season. I never got to eat the spinach I planted last year because it bolted from the heat. :( Also this is a good lesson on not procrastinating. If things are well and you can get it done, better do it or all your kids might get the flu! I am so glad we laid out the blocks last fall. :)

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