Saturday, January 22, 2011

FOE is really your Friend!

Fold Over Elastic, that is! I bought a whole spool of 100 yards of it and it has been worth every penny. I originally bought it for overnight waterproof training pants but I keep finding ways to use it that make my life simple! For instance, my newly turned 1 year old wakes up every time we would lay her down. Talk about driving me crazy! But I finally figured out it was the cold sheets that was shocking her into waking up. So tonight I made her a fleece crib sheet. I cut out a 60 by 42 rectangle piece. Then cut out a 6 inch square out of each corner. Sewed the corners together. Then finished it with Fold Over Elastic all along the edge! I found online that fleece crib sheets are $38.00 a sheet. Honestly I didn't know they existed until after I made mine, let alone that they were $38 a sheet! I bought anti-pill fleece on sale for $5.00 a yard times 2 yards. Then I had a $10 voucher for a Teacher Appreciation Event at Joann's. So I spent nothing there. 4yards of FOE so that is $2.00. And I guess I could calculate the thread but you get my point. Awesome savings and super easy to do. And one happy baby!

And just the week before my son had a camp out in the dead of winter and in the snow. I obviously didn't want him to freeze. So I purchased washable wool for $25 a yard. Sounds like a lot but when you find out that wool winter underwear online runs for $60-$80, per piece, $25 sound cheap. Washable Merino Wool is super soft and yummy like Cashmere, which is wool too, by the way. So I took his tightest pants and traced out a pattern on paper. No fly, I'm simple like that. ;) Fold over elastic to finish the top and around each leg. Simple and a huge savings for for me. And he stayed warm all weekend! So don't you think it is time to make FOE your friend too?


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truckermomma said...

Wow, you sure did find a lot of uses for it. Wonderful! I just got a bunch in, can't wait to dig in.