Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lulu in the Fluff

As many of you know, I am a Rockin Green Fan! Before I knew what to wash my diapers in, 10years ago, I just washed them in regular detergent. Many of you may not know, when I was 18, I got to tour France for 2 weeks. It was awesome! One of the tours was a Sewer Tour under Paris. Seriously! Well, washing my cloth diapers in regular deterent always brought me back to when I was 18 and was touring the sewers of Paris! I kid you not!

A good diaper detergent must not leave any residue or you will be touring the Sewers of Paris for free! Hence the best test of a good diaper detergent is no smell at all. So with talk generating for Lulu in the Fluff, I was game.

"Put Lulu's In The Fluff and you're using safe, environmentally friendly detergents that smell fabulous in your laundry room and rinse clean, leaving no residue behind.

Lulu's cloth diaper & laundry detergent was formulated out of a need to clean with glamour! It’s made of safe, phosphate free ingredients, which are good for the planet, and is great for kids and adults.

Best of all, it is totally safe for cloth diapers. Just one tablespoon and you are on your way to clean diapers and clothing."

I did a soak in the tub with all my prefolds.

Then I did my regular wash and dry, and tentitively held it up to my nose. Nothing, absolutely, nothing! It smelled wonderfully of nothing! No flashbacks to Paris! Just the warm feeling of my love of cloth!

So combine that with the $11.95 price tag for the Hard Water Version, I am sold. There are no scented versions in the Hard water Lulu, but I am sure that will change. And as an Essential Oil fan, one drop of my favorite will remidy that. Besides you do not want diapers to smell afterwards, because that means residue was left behind.

I must also say that Lulu has, hands down the best customer service out there. A zillion times better than Rockin Green. So my recommendation is to Glamorize your Fluff with Lulu's in the Fluff. That reminds me, I have some used diapers that just came in the mail, time to go glamorize them.

You can buy Lulu's in the Fluff from these Retailers.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Weeks of Giveaways!

Starting August 23, My oldest's Birthday, through Sept 3rd there will be giveaways everyday on In The Mommy Business. In my family, starting tomorrow, we will have 5 birthdays for the next two weeks as well, so it now feels like one big celebration, for me at least. So check it out.
Here is a list of the retailers participating if you'd like to check them out before hand. I haven't received all the product from them yet so this list may lose some names. This list could also add some names since it seems like more companies are interested everyday. They are in no order.
-The Paisley Jellybean
-Charlie Banana
-Beautifully Created Boutique
-Prairie Tales
-Dream Makers Design

Friday, August 20, 2010

Score! Gleened Apples

I hate how fruit trees go to waste! Well, I found one today, and had to pick it! And this was just on the low branches. I think we will go back with a ladder tomorrow. I do want to add that you should check with the owner first, if possible.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And the winner of the ROCKIN GREEN SOAP is

Kim Allen said...
I Like smashing watermelons!

Please email me within 24 hours to claim your prize!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yummy Yogurt

Yesterday, while I was making and baking, I started yogurt as well. It take 8 hours to set up, so it was done until this morning. 1 quart of store bought yogurt made all of this! I love Hillbilly Housewife, she supplied the recipe. I don't like all her menu choices, but when it come to making from scratch or making do, she is the queen! Her yogurt recipe click here. Browse around and find your gems!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Baking Making Mondays

Mmmmmm, it smells so good in here. Can you smell it? No? Alright I will have to tell you instead. It smells like fresh homemade bread, oatmeal cookies, and Peach Crisp all at the same time. With homeschooling, I don't have time for the rest of the week for baking and such. Ok, really, I don't have time for many things with eight children. Even still, I have declared Monday for baking and making. It's other name is Home Economics. LOL. We make whole wheat bread for lunchtime sandwiches for the rest of the week. I like my family to have whole grain and found the prices of real whole grain bread at the store to be a bit much for me. I have been extremely fortunate that my Grandfather, when he used go to garage sales, found me a wheat grinder for $2.00. Score! So I store my own wheat and make bread once a week. After some trial and error for 6 years, I have perfected my own recipe and put it on Allrecipes. Soft and Yummy Whole Wheat Bread I also take one of the loaves sometime and make Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls. They are infamous in these parts. Here's a picture of them rising.

The girls made Oatmeal cookies because it is Family night tonight. They almost put in 1 1/2 cups of Salt in instead of teaspoons. I am soo glad I caught it! They would have been disgusting. *yuck*

And I wasn't going to make Peach Crisp but I saw that the peaches on my peach tree looked salvageable. This was our first year for peaches. It should have been last year but a late frost killed the blooms. I feel bad that I didn't spray them as much as was needed. I'm not perfect. With full time nursing of a baby, it cuts down what I can do. However, some were salvageable! Yeah!! It's going to be oh so yummy!

I've still got beans to can tonight. I did 13 quarts of Kidney Beans done this weekend. Better go get the chickpeas started....

Good news, I will sleep well tonight and I am set for the week.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rockin Green Soap Givaway

I tried to buy Rockin Green Soap locally and they didn't have it at the time. They didn't have it another time either, but I digress. They instead sold me something called Tiny Bubbles and said it was way better. So without options, I bought it. Ran out of my Rockin Green and just opened Tiny Bubbles this week. Two washes, that is all I have done, 2 washes, and already I hate it! I smell a residual funk already and in prefolds no less! Better? Not on my baby's hiney, it isn't. I am sooo not happy. Can you tell? Well,to make a long story short, I am going to order Rockin Green on Thursday and decided that one lucky person should get to enjoy it too! So if you already love Rockin Green or if you want to see what all the hype is about, join this Givaway for a chance! I got to enjoy Hard Rock because I had won a givaway once and now I want to pass it on! This will end on Wednesday at 9pm Central Time.

Now what you have to do to enter. Make sure a leave seperate comments for each requirement.

1. Leave a comment on your favorite Rockin Green Scent or a Scent that you would like to try. 1 per person

2. Become a Follower of this blog. 1 per person

3. Leave a comment if you posted this Giveaway somewhere else public on the web and add link. No limit on different areas to link to, just leave separate comments for each.

4. Become a fan on Facebook of Feminine Essence and leave a comment here. 1 per person

This is one free bag of Rockin Green sent to you. Your flavor and varity. I will post the winner on my blog on Wednesday August 18th, 9pm Central.

US Residents only.