Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's been an interesting few weeks...

We had some sort of stomach bug/fever during Halloween week and at the same time, threw out my back. It involved and ER visit and a naturalist and still not much progress beyond being able to go to the potty on my own. Yippee! I did finally go to the chiropractor yesterday and I asked him on a scale of 1-10 how bad was it. He said it was an 8-10. Yikes. Nutritionally, I need to eat more whole foods and I know that. Physically, I need to do more exercise. Looking into getting a mini trampoline as well. So I will be working on that.

And because of all this I haven't done much sewing. Some and and I will show it off, but not much. However we also came into alot of food during this time, and it need preserved. So stepping out of my comfort zone, I learned about canning meat and lemons. Then my family had to help too when I was stuck in the bed.

We canned Hamburger for the first time. I used this website on how to do it.

And so since this summer, We have canned Lavender, Violet, and Dandelion Jellies, Kidney and Chickpea beans, Lemon juice, and now Hamburger and Gator Meat.

And the good news is, if our freezer fails, we haven't lost anything.

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