Thursday, October 7, 2010

So what did I do with the wool scraps?

I am making wool balls with them! Wool balls are the new "fabric softener". They shorten the drying time, cut down on the static, and fluff the clothes all at once! All these attributes are great for cloth diapers, but are still great for anything you stick in the dryer anyways. Here is the tutorial that I got the idea from.

Here is a piece of wool that I had leftover from making the longies. I washed it and dried it in a pillow case to felt it. And then I ironed it and then ironed on freezer paper. I used the freezer paper so that I could use my template and draw alot of side panels at once without any pinning.

Here it all drawn out. :D

Voila! My first Wool ball!

And my children thought that the freezer paper cut outs needed a use too! Well, art was taken care of today!

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saskia said...

seriously, you are very talented at sewing!