Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Reusables!

This is the display that I did for the "Thinking outside the box, Preparedness Workshop". I am so happy to try to share this with you all online!
And here is the Teddy Bear changing station. It was for anyone who wanted to see what it was like to change a cloth diaper.

An overview of everything laid out. :)

The start of the Diaper Area!

Here you can see the Fuzzibunz from The Suburban Tree Hugger, Bumgenius 4.0 that I recently won, a couple of All in One cloth diapers, and a Rumparooz. The Picture is of a diaper sprayer. I wanted people to see how easy it is to clean a cloth diaper now a days!

Here you can see the Katydid Diaper, Rumparooz that I won from Sugar Dipes, Bumgenius 4.0 that I won from Cotton Babies, Diapers made with the LaDiDa Diaper Pattern and Diapeze.

Here are some Kawaii Diapers, Chinese Prefolds, Swim Diapers, and some wonderful fitteds and pocket diapers from Nifty Nappy.

Here is the prefold, flats, and covers section. There is a Thirsties, Flip, and Econobum from The Suburban Tree Hugger. And a Bummis prefold and cover.

And lastly, cloth wipes. The colorful ones are from Diapeze. And the white ones are some that I surged from scrap flannel. And above them both is a Hemp doubler.

Here is the information display for the cloth diapers. You can read the Documents below.

Cost analysis of Disposables vs. Cloth diapers

Here are the different types of Cloth Diapers.

Basic instructions of washing Cloth Diapers

Where you can purchase Cloth Diapers

Free Cloth Diaper patterns Online

Here is a picture of the wet bags I made and cloth pads from Randumosity.

Girly Cloth that I made myself for my two girls.

Unpaper towels I have made myself. And waterproof sandwich bags made by another Stay at Home Mom that I bartered with.

And Here is a food cover from Rebel:T/L/C, made with Food Safe Nylon, that you just throw into the washer. She also accepts Amazon Gift Cards that you can earn with your Swagbucks, same as cash.

And Here is the informational Display on all these items!

Why Cloth Pads

Cost analysis of Disposable Pads to Cloth

Where to get them

Reusable instead of Disposable

Finally, some of the wool items that I had been working on lately.

I hope that I was able to bring a a little bit of what I have done for you all online.

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Reesa said...

What an awesome setup! It looks great.