Monday, October 4, 2010

My Wool Longies Are done!

Yay!! Now this isn't part two with the scraps. I had to finish what I was doing with the wool to gather all my scraps. Which is now felted by the way.
These longies turned out so cute!! I love them!
I got the tutorial from here. She had great instructions and I made my a bit big for room to grow, but I also had to add elastic to everything so they would stay on.

I had enough of the wool sweater to make another sleep sack. You can see how I made the sleep sack from this post. I am finding that Men's XL are perfect for this job.

Well, there is one thing that I made with the scraps. :D The Shoulders of one set of the sleeves plus some leftover ribbing made a perfect hat.


Anonymous said...

Wow-- excellent job!! Thanks also for including a link to the instructions page you used....I might have to give this a try myself!!

I was wondering about the third picture-- is it a gown for sleeping? Is that upcycled, too?

Feminine Essence said...

Sorry. If you look at the post before, I made a sleep sack from a wool sweater vest. This was just another sleep sack.