Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm not MIA, just doing a Garage Sale for the Boy Scouts.

And when it's at your house, all of life stops! But for a garage Sale that is not a City Wide, they did really well!
Besides my house, I donate Hot Homemade Cinnamon Rolls, whole wheat too! I use my Bosch Universal Mixer and make 5, yes 5, loaves of Bread. Then I take 2 of those loaves and flatten them to about the size of 9x12. Butter the tops and added Cinnamon and Sugar and roll them up. Cut them up with floss into 12 rolls. Now the icing is just salted butter, powdered sugar, and milk. I don't give out the ratios because that is my secret. But I have posted my super awesome, super light, whole wheat bread recipes HERE on All Recipes.


Pat Merrick said...

If I'd known you were selling those beautiful cinnamon rolls, I might have made the trip to Kansas to buy them! I've got a Bosch mixer as well. I've never tried 5 loaves before. Does it lug down at all?
- Pat

Feminine Essence said...

I can tell you that these Cinnamon Rolls are famous around here. I brought them to the Memorial Day Brunch and a lady pointed them out to me, not knowing they were mine, to tell me that I had to try them, they were so yummy!

As for the Bosch, I have to put it in 2nd gear, other than that nope, it works just fine. For 6 years, twice a week, 5 loaves.