Friday, September 17, 2010

Vacation and catch up.

Last week I was on vacation with my wonderful family. First we went camping and then we went to visit historical sites, 6 hours away. But it was 9 hours with little kids. So this week was back to the bump and grind and getting things done. Monday was spent cleaning up the school room. A deep clean and organization and I should of took a picture to make it last. Oh well. Right now there are a set of shoes under the table, a brush here, a wii wheel there, and why is there a towel down here? But all in all, it is much better down here and kids are getting to work. And I am getting things done sewing wise.

I made two wet bags for the girls and another set of girly cloth. And a ton of mending is getting done. Now it is time to get some sleep. Looking to glean some more apples. I can't believe how many people are not even picking their own trees. I have my eyes on 5 right now as we speak. Awwwe, it's starting to feel like fall.

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