Friday, September 24, 2010

Sewing Frenzy!

Finished all the girly cloth and the girls are super happy and so am I. And since I have been at the sewing machine, the mending has come out of the woodworks! Shirts, hems, dolls and pillows. One in particular, Scott got when he was a baby. There was a rip in the front and back of the fabric but the embroidered name part was still intact. So I took the name part out and made him a new pillow. No toy has ever made this boy as happy as having this pillow fixed. And the fabric came out of scraps!

And then I tackled my first diaper. I think my friend who I am making them for, is going to be super happy! I obviously think it is ADORABLE! I love this Ooga Booga Girl Print. And if you look closely, you can see little Ooga Booga snaps as well.

My family has been busy getting the garden ready for next year. We moved it and expanded it. And since now is the time to plant grass, we did that as well. I will show that progress on Monday.

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