Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My first two girly cloth.

Ok, don't laugh. I want to remind everyone that this is my first attempt with PUL and my first time working with a walking foot! But besides the the lines not being so symmetrical, I think they are pretty good for my first try. I guess by posting this I am hoping to inspire all those who haven't tried it yet. I know that with time, I will get better. I called them girly cloth instead of Mama cloth because these are for my girls, when they get older.
I used pink and purple suede cloth for the non pilling qualities.
I used zorb because of the super absorbent and ultra thin qualities.
And I used white PUL, to keep the wetness getting to the undies.
Ok, lastly is 100% Polyester thread, to keep things from wicking.

These could compete with any of those ultrathin disposable pads but these are reusable. And lacking in all those chemicals used in disposables. In fact, I read, and found myself. That without those chemicals, periods are lighter, shorter, and a whole lot less painful! Obviously, those of us who have suffered through debilitating cramps, know all to well the pain. I just wished I had learned a long time ago that it was because of the chemicals!

As for cleaning... I put mine in a bucket and wash with my baby girl's diapers or my whites. Some people like to rinse. I don't and haven't had any problems with staining.

I learned a great deal from these ladies online, Diaper Sewing Divas.



mama said...

I'd love to see the science on the chemicals affecting periods...

good for you!

Feminine Essence said...

Me TOO! However, since dispoables are the big money maker, money won't be going to that research. But we can hope can't we!

Riggslacey said...

I know my period has gotten better since switching. I also talked a friend into switching and we are going to try to make some of our own this fall and winter. I love mama cloth or girly cloth!

Feminine Essence said...


Honey said...

Hi! Just found you somehow while looking up info over how to clean a raw fleece. My first and's the point! I also use momma cloths and I don't rinse mine either. Now that no one's in cloth diapers...(I actually miss them I think that's why I'm into roving so much now! :) ) I simply toss them in with whites on hot water. I wanted to add a reminder to the mommas...treat your mamma cloths like your diaper cloths and don't bleach. Use the sun and realize that a few stains are ok.