Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Upcycling Wool Sack

In my fascination with wool longies, I started hunting the local thrift store. I found two other sweaters that will be good for the longies, but I came across this sweater vest for 1/2 off that I couldn't pass up. It was $2.99 but all green marked tags were 1/2 off. Plus I had a discount card for another 10% off. So this bad boy cost me $1.35!

First I opened the shoulder seams.

Then I measured 5 inches down(to include an overlap on the shoulder)on the sleeves and sewed in towards the body. Then when I got far enough in (of course this is determined by more the size of the child. Once I got far enough in then I went straight down. After I sewed it, then I trimmed it. It was easier to sew it first and then trim it.

Then I sewed the bottom together.

Then I folded in the wrong sides of back shoulder seams 3/4 inches and sewed together. I then folded in the wrong sides together and pinned the front shoulder seams 3/4 inch and sewed.

Once all 4 shoulder seams were sewed down, I had to decide what snaps to use. I decided lavender was a nice complimentary color, since I didn't have charcoal colored snaps.

I spaced it out and 5 snaps across looked good to me.

Voila! Finished product on my cutie pie tester.

And this is only part one! Wait till you see what I do with the scraps!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Humanitarian Aid

I have to share what my daughters jointly made with the help of Sister Virginia Stough for Humanitarian Aid! Isn't it adorable!

Sewing Frenzy!

Finished all the girly cloth and the girls are super happy and so am I. And since I have been at the sewing machine, the mending has come out of the woodworks! Shirts, hems, dolls and pillows. One in particular, Scott got when he was a baby. There was a rip in the front and back of the fabric but the embroidered name part was still intact. So I took the name part out and made him a new pillow. No toy has ever made this boy as happy as having this pillow fixed. And the fabric came out of scraps!

And then I tackled my first diaper. I think my friend who I am making them for, is going to be super happy! I obviously think it is ADORABLE! I love this Ooga Booga Girl Print. And if you look closely, you can see little Ooga Booga snaps as well.

My family has been busy getting the garden ready for next year. We moved it and expanded it. And since now is the time to plant grass, we did that as well. I will show that progress on Monday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pictures of my School/Sewing Room

Someone asked to see it. It's not much, but it's organized and functional. I am truly blessed. :D

Vacation and catch up.

Last week I was on vacation with my wonderful family. First we went camping and then we went to visit historical sites, 6 hours away. But it was 9 hours with little kids. So this week was back to the bump and grind and getting things done. Monday was spent cleaning up the school room. A deep clean and organization and I should of took a picture to make it last. Oh well. Right now there are a set of shoes under the table, a brush here, a wii wheel there, and why is there a towel down here? But all in all, it is much better down here and kids are getting to work. And I am getting things done sewing wise.

I made two wet bags for the girls and another set of girly cloth. And a ton of mending is getting done. Now it is time to get some sleep. Looking to glean some more apples. I can't believe how many people are not even picking their own trees. I have my eyes on 5 right now as we speak. Awwwe, it's starting to feel like fall.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another Huge Diaper Giveaway from Diaper Junction

This was too big to pass. If you are interested in cloth but thought you didn't have the funds to try, this is your chance!
Come here to register for the giveaway!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cotton Babies Diapers

There is no doubting that Cotton Babies is the major name in cloth diapers. They have the Bumgenius, Flip, and my favorite prefold Econobum. And this week they had a huge giveaway, leading to today's finale! So if you ever thought of using cloth, here is your chance!

For a chance to win a 6 pack of Bumgenius 4.0, go here!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My first two girly cloth.

Ok, don't laugh. I want to remind everyone that this is my first attempt with PUL and my first time working with a walking foot! But besides the the lines not being so symmetrical, I think they are pretty good for my first try. I guess by posting this I am hoping to inspire all those who haven't tried it yet. I know that with time, I will get better. I called them girly cloth instead of Mama cloth because these are for my girls, when they get older.
I used pink and purple suede cloth for the non pilling qualities.
I used zorb because of the super absorbent and ultra thin qualities.
And I used white PUL, to keep the wetness getting to the undies.
Ok, lastly is 100% Polyester thread, to keep things from wicking.

These could compete with any of those ultrathin disposable pads but these are reusable. And lacking in all those chemicals used in disposables. In fact, I read, and found myself. That without those chemicals, periods are lighter, shorter, and a whole lot less painful! Obviously, those of us who have suffered through debilitating cramps, know all to well the pain. I just wished I had learned a long time ago that it was because of the chemicals!

As for cleaning... I put mine in a bucket and wash with my baby girl's diapers or my whites. Some people like to rinse. I don't and haven't had any problems with staining.

I learned a great deal from these ladies online, Diaper Sewing Divas.