Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bigger tends to be Greener

Many of my Large Family Friends have taken the "How Green are You?" quiz. And shocker of all shockers, we tend to be a whole lot greener than the rest of the population. I think that has alot to do with cutting costs to enable raising a large family. I love this article here on Faith & Family Magazine. It points out that even though we are large we are also green. Some critics still argue that all those children grow up and then start wasting resources like the rest of the non green small families out there. But really, they do take what they are taught with them.

So I guess I can say, I am a penny pincher so I can raise my family and whether environmentalists like it or not, I am super green too!

I don't have plastic wrap anymore. Why would I? It's disposable! I've got reusable plastic containers with lids that do the job much better. I still have aluminium foil, but I can recycle that. :D

I have not bought paper towels again and use Unpaper towels instead. I made them myself and sell them on Artfire Feminine Essence . They can be purchased all over artfire or my favorite etsy seller is Athena Creates . Where ever you choose to get them, they will cut down on one major expense on paper and are totally worth it.

I use cloth diapers and cloth pads as well. Have you heard how long it takes a disposable to degrade in a landfill? 500 years! And how many diapers do a baby go through in a day? Anywhere from 6-24! And did you know that when your baby poops that you are actually suppose to flush that down the toilet and not wrap it up in a tight little bundle and throw it in the trash? Yep, says so on most packages. That is because landfill is not a waste treatment plant at all, it was never meant to handle bio hazardous material. And I do cloth because it cost me $100 to start up. I have a HE washer, with a Sanitary cycle so water and ease are easy peasy! And just like everything else in the world, even the cloth diaper has a zillion user friendly options. And you know what the greatest thing is, a peace of mind. When things get tight, I am never worrying when the diapers and wipes are low and where the money is going to come from to buy more.

I guess I have come to dislike anything that is disposable. And come to a view of only getting what you need and making do with what you have if you can. Why not, why waste that money?

So what can you think of that can have more use? Like Alton Brown on Good Eats, a Unitasker is Bad! I was given disposable face wash clothes, do you have them too? Well, I saw it such a waste to just throw it away after washing my face, so I clean the sink with them too. Then I scrub the toilet rim and outside with it. Then I felt, it was dirty enough to throw away. Maybe you have some product like that too. Find more than one use for it, then cut your budget, and get a little greener too.


donna reed said...

I have a tiny little family, but I follow in the path of a large family. Taught well, by a grandmother of the depression and one of 12 I also am frugal and as green as can be, though that isn't what she would've called it. I'm a cloth diapering, baby food making, ziploc bag washing, gardening fool.

Thanks for the post. I'm going to go look up your Unpaper towels. I use cheap wash clothes myself.

Donna Reed

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