Monday, April 19, 2010

My ad on craigslist, enjoy!

I received alot of inquiries for this singer sewing machine, but my conscience was pricking me when I received alot of requests for it for first time sewers and I had to repost it with full disclosure. Yes, the tension came apart and yes, I did try to put it back together and yes again, I do have all the parts and it could be put back together. BUT, during the my cursing in the attempt to repair it, I had an epiphany. This machine would be more useful if an accelerant was doused on it and it was lit on fire! So here is the thing, if you want this machine for parts OR to use for a trade in at a local sewing machine shop for discount, then I will freely give it to you. However, if you are going to fix this machine and give it to a new sewer, I would rather pitch it into a pond for a decoration to entertain the fishies before I will ever let you forever scar your loved one into never sewing again!

Other acceptable uses for this machine....
A high school science teacher who would love to drop it off the top of the school to teach their students the law of Gravity.
A Mechanical Engineering student who would love to melt it in determining whether the plastic was injection molding or vacuum molding when manufactured.
A gift for an mechanically minded son who would love to take it apart to see how it works, with understanding of it's substandard construction.
For the fisherman who lost his anchor last season and is too cheap to replace it.
A target for an artillary range.
And lastly, a disgruntalled husband who wants to pretend that he is making up to his wife but wants to secrectly drive her nuts, then this....... is the machine for you.

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