Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Went To My First Gardening Class.

Not my first one, but my first one here at the Rec Center. It's being taught by a Master Gardener and who couldn't learn a thing or two from them? And this Saturday, they scheduled a garden demonstration, hands on kind of thing. Guess who's dirt we are going to all play in, weather permitting of course, YOURS TRULY!!!! A master gardener is coming to plant my carrots! LOL!

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Jane said...

No way!!! How did that happen? A master gardener planting your carrots? Too cool! I've never been able to get carrots behond 2 or 3 inches and they still weren't that sweet so let's have all the details when you're done! That just goes to show "If you hoe it, they will come!" Hee hee!