Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring has Sprung so today was busy

The square foot gardens were getting low in compost. I have a huge truckload ordered for next Thursday but I needed to plant peas today. So we dug out and cleaned out the back two squares and moved that dirt to the front two squares. This allowed me the ability to plant the peas. Boy was that work. Not only did we clean out all the weeds and get that done, we cleaned out the whole back yard too. It seems our bored dog likes to chew plastic into little pieces. *rolleyes* Then pruned all the trees, vines, and bushes. Moved a bush to it's proper spot. Then completely cleaned out the garage. We needed to get all the garden stuff organized again. The lamp is ready for me to start some seeds. :) And while we were cleaning out the garage, we organized all the recyclables and put them in the van. It seems I will be dropping off everything from metal to plastics to cardboard to be recycled on Monday. Lastly, I signed up for a gardening class at the local Rec Center. You might be wondering why I would be taking a class about gardening, of all things. Well, I would love to learn new techniques but mostly for pest control. This is my first year doing cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce and we all know how hard it is to keep those from being gobbled up by every bug in the neighborhood. I'm tired now and it seems we have a couple of kiddos with the flu. Oh and that last picture is of my Scarecrow. It has a motion sensor on the front and when a little or big animal walks near, it sets off the sprinkler for a few seconds. The noise and water is suppose to scare off whatever is near the garden. Hopefully it will scare off the local bunnies.


Jane said...

Very simple looking scarecrow. Is that one word? I am sure we will need one of those for our garden. I think we have bunnies living under our shed. I am excited to start gardening too. When did you say it was too late to start peas? Also, I might eventually want to do some of your cute square foot gardening. Just have to convince the hubby. He grew up with the "row" method. Take care and good luck in your quest to "push" the suburban envelope!

Elizabeth and Brian said...

good job getting it ready. we bought and cut our boards for a simple square foot garden but it us too muddy

I have some heirloom sugar pumpkin seeds if you want some.