Monday, March 1, 2010

My Food Storage Orders Are In!!

Like I said earlier, I felt extremely compelled to get my food storage in order. So when our tax return came in, beside car repairs(YIKES) and Braces for our 8 year old (Double YIKES), we bought a ton of food for our year supply. And I am pretty sure that the "ton" part is literal. I'm still slowly building up our beans but pretty much everything else in the basics of food supply is now finally complete. Which is a good thing because I hear the prices of bread are getting close to doubling, in some areas, in less than 6 months. We found the food grade buckets used on craigslist and are in the process of cleaning them all up. I still have to order some new lids and Gamma lids this Thursday and then we can start the big process of packing it all away. I promise that when I finish, I will take pictures but until then here are some pictures of what we are starting with. And a picture of my 50lbs of powdered eggs that came in today as well as my year supply of gelatin from Honeyville Grain. They had the best prices for eggs (which are pretty expensive to begin with) and only $4.95 for shipping! You can never beat that kind of shipping prices!! Plus I signed up for their emails and waited until they sent out a 10% discount via email for my purchase.

Now to start my seeds in a couple of weeks for my big garden! Can't wait to do some canning this fall to complete it all!

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Ashley said...

Congrats on getting your low shipping costs!!

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