Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally sat down with my seed and a calender.

And it seems I should of planted peas outside and broccoli and cabbage inside this last Saturday. But hey, I was busy with a blessing and a baptism then so this Saturday it shall happen instead. I might try to squeeze it in before then but the lids for the buckets arrived today!! And I've got some food storage to put away. I guess my rest (yea right!) from the baptism and spring cleaning is over.
I will post pictures soon.
Have you started your planting yet?


Kelly said...

you mean you're s'posed to plan??? lol... i just got my seeds. this is the first year i'm doing seeds, so i don't know what i'm doing. should i start some indoors? i was thinking i might sow them all directly, since our season really starts about now. my peppers say to start indoors 8 weeks prior to planting, and i was hoping to have them going outside by the end of march.... hmmm.

comerrick said...

So your last frost has already passed? You must be way south of me. What zone are you in and I will find the info you need for peppers.