Monday, January 11, 2010

I've ordered my seeds!

I looked over what seeds I had already and then figured out what I still needed, which wasn't much. This is my first year of trying carrots so I ordered 3 different kinds to figure out which one I will be able to grow the best. I even ordered a globe carrot. Have you ever seen a globe carrot? I haven't.

I ordered them from I like them because they are a small family business and they have so many different types of heirloom seeds. And the reason I chose heirloom seeds was so that I can harvest my own seeds and not be dependent on buying seeds, year after year. Unfortunately, you can't do that with hybrid seeds. And the variety of plants is soo cool. I love growing purple tomatoes!

So where do you like to order?

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Kelly said...

i will have to check out! last year was our first garden, and we started with plants. i tried seeds before and it didn't work out so well... but this year, we are going SEEDS all the way! i ordered mostly from i have had good luck with their plants, and they have a lifetime replacement guarantee on plants. so, last year, when i killed my heirloom tomatoes that i got from them, they sent em out replacements for free - no questions asked!