Monday, January 18, 2010

Food Storage

Beside working hard in my garden this year, I am also feeling a strong pull to get my food storage up to date with our tax return. And I am so glad that I am because I read this article on how food prices are going to skyrocket this year. I have some things stored, but it really isn't up to date or organized. So I am planning to organize it and bring the amount up to snuff for our family. While planning, I found this wonderful website to share. It has a neat planning spreadsheet/calculator for Long Term Food Storage.

A further search of that wonderful website I found produced a 3 month food supply Excel sheet. You feel in what you eat and the ingredients for it and it will calculate for you what you need for 3 months! Awesome.

If you haven't thought about food storage, now might be the time to.

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