Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello, my name is Olivia and I have barnheart.

Finally! A name for what has been ailing me! Read this wonderful article that is both funny and insightful.
Barnheart: Yearning to be a farmer.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Food Storage

Beside working hard in my garden this year, I am also feeling a strong pull to get my food storage up to date with our tax return. And I am so glad that I am because I read this article on how food prices are going to skyrocket this year. I have some things stored, but it really isn't up to date or organized. So I am planning to organize it and bring the amount up to snuff for our family. While planning, I found this wonderful website to share. It has a neat planning spreadsheet/calculator for Long Term Food Storage.

A further search of that wonderful website I found produced a 3 month food supply Excel sheet. You feel in what you eat and the ingredients for it and it will calculate for you what you need for 3 months! Awesome.

If you haven't thought about food storage, now might be the time to.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I've ordered my seeds!

I looked over what seeds I had already and then figured out what I still needed, which wasn't much. This is my first year of trying carrots so I ordered 3 different kinds to figure out which one I will be able to grow the best. I even ordered a globe carrot. Have you ever seen a globe carrot? I haven't.

I ordered them from I like them because they are a small family business and they have so many different types of heirloom seeds. And the reason I chose heirloom seeds was so that I can harvest my own seeds and not be dependent on buying seeds, year after year. Unfortunately, you can't do that with hybrid seeds. And the variety of plants is soo cool. I love growing purple tomatoes!

So where do you like to order?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What to Plant and when.

I have found the most wonderful site! If you know what zone you are in, which you should from my last post. Then this site tells you what vegetables you can plant and when, in your area.
Vegetable Planting Calender

I live in Zone 6 and by looking at my planting calender, I have realized that I need to start Cauliflower inside in only 6 weeks. So seed buying needs to be quick to allow time for shipping. Off to look for seeds...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year! Time for Garden Planning!

Snow is on the ground and not a lick of green can be seen, however, it's time to start imagining it. Time to plan our gardens!

First, what kind of garden are you going to have?

Square Foot Garden.

Traditional Row Garden

Wide Row Planting

Raised Bed Garden

Container Garden

And what would you put in them? Now this is where we think of our favorite vegetables and imagine the possibilities, however, I would add a word of caution. If you are just learning to garden then I would suggest that the smaller the garden, the better. It is better to have a couple of good looking cucumber plants that are producing in abundance than it is to have rows and rows of vegetables succumbing to pest, disease, and plain ol' accidental mistakes. When we fail on a grandiose scale, we tend not to try again. I hope that won't happen.

Whatever you choose for your garden will takes lots of research. Is it a cool season crop or warm? What plant hardiness zone do you live in? Shade or full sun? What soil do they need? All of this and more needs to be taken in consideration when planning a garden. If you are planting directly in the soil, then you need to have it tested. If you are ordering the seeds in the mail, then it's time to start looking.

So now you have a glimpse of why January is the time to plan our gardens. So make a trip to your local library, or even a spin around the web, and imagine the possibilities.