Monday, January 26, 2009

On Saturday My children and I were victims...

Not real ones though, thank goodness. We were made up victims for an exercise. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trainees need to do a mock disaster to prove their skills they had learn. Since I became a CERT member back in October and since DH was a trainee this time, it was natural for us to volunteer. I had a fake head injury and only repeated things then went unconscious. It was fun and interesting. It was a bit like Halloween in January as well. Some people had fake bones sticking out. Some had fake glass sticking out and some were impaled. But us four were the worse because we all had head injuries. I even got to be tied to a spine board.
So when are you going to join CERT?

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Karies place said...

Wow very interesting. Not sure I could do that.