Saturday, November 15, 2008

Added an addition to the Chicken Condo

It had to be done. With this Homeowners Association thing, they've been stuck in the Garage. I did have a broad spectrum light on but it wasn't enough. It wasn't getting in the inside enough. Not enough room for them to be happy. And the feeding were officially too small now. So we added a back addition today. It only took 7 hours. YIKES!! But looking at them, you can tell that they are happy now. More light gets in. More room to run. I feel better. Plus with winter, they wouldn't have been outside much. Today was windy and cold. We let them out and still they kept trying to get back in while we were working.

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.... said...

OOOH! I have chickens too! I know what you are thinking on this post!!! Good for you for building them such a fancy place to live!!! Much cooler than what my girls have!