Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where did my Parsley go?

I planted (from seed) parsley in a pot on my back deck so it would be close to the kitchen. It was growing nicely and soon I would be able to use it. As suddenly as it came, it was gone. But it's OK, I don't really need parsley anyway. And it's really not that bad since it went to some beautiful creatures. OK, granted, now they aren't so lovely now but they will be when they come out of their Chrysalis. These little boogers will be Black Swallow Tail Butterflies. I have debated putting them in the garage to hibernate for the winter. We had a huge cold front come in exactly a week ago and the weather went from the high 90's to the 60's-70's. I went from sweating to death last week to needing a sweatshirt on my morning walk. So I don't know if it will come back up again. I do know that this is the coldest weather I have ever seen around here for September. Oh! I do hope that means we will have a horribly cold winter! OK, before you think that I am crazy and I am sure that I will regret saying it when it does happen. But I need some of these other bugs killed. It has been a horrible bug season this year! Don't get me started on the squash bug! But the butterflies are a keeper. They are so cool and educational.


Mits said...

I don't like this blog but the background is so beautiful.


comerrick said...

Well thanks, sort of.