Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why should I or anyone else do all of this?

Why have I gotten into gardening, keeping bees and chickens? Well, it is partly because I am a country girl living in the burbs but mostly it is a self sustainability issue. I store food too. I actually have 2 55 gallon barrels of wheat in my basement. I also cover them with a pretty tablecloth to blend them in with the rest of the decor. Also bucket and bucket of so much more. So why? Because not only has the government encourage it but so has my church. And it really does make sense.

Individual Checklist
Provident Living Food Storage

If something should happen to us financially, we will be OK. If something should happen around us, we will be OK.

I also have 4 55gal barrels of water in my basement as well. This came in quite handy the day that our town shut of it's water supply for a couple of days. People here were freaked and bought out the entire supply at all the local stores. We on the other had were set and didn't have to pay $1 a gallon to flush our toilets. I choose to keep things in the basement as well because I live in the Midwest, Tornado Ally! So where you store your supply depends largely on your area.

Personally, I don't just think that these aspects are helpful but in this day and age, essential! So next time you go shopping, pick up an extra can or two and put it away. Begin today!

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