Monday, August 11, 2008

Frustrating Day!

First on the Beekeeping front, I go down to city hall to fill out the paperwork to get approved to keep bees in the little city that I am in and guess what? There is no paperwork. The police department was wrong. The town wants me to write a letter to the mayor and the city council to ask them for permission to keep bees in the city limit. Oh gotta love living in a little suburb! So now I am home and will soon start a letter with my intents and wishes, illustrated with photos.

And when I came home and was taking the pictures, what did I find? A chicken in our yard with it's head and breasts eaten. EEW!! Something came into the yard and ate it. Yuck!!! It was sometime from 2-5pm, in broad daylight! There goes the free ranging idea.

After posting the picture of the half eaten chicken on my chicken board with all the details of the attack, it sounds like a Hawk ate my chicken. There is just no way a free ranging in my yard with a hawk. Now back to square one! oiy!

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