Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally Finished the Coop

I still needed to add a pull down door on top for the nesting boxes. I wanted a door right into the back of the boxes so that I could just reach in and grab the eggs. Plus we needed to add more roosting bars. Hey it was 3 am the first time we finished so the extras had to wait, till yesterday that is. It was alot of work but it's done. And those 2 red beauties are Red Stars. I bought them from a semi-local lady who needed to cut down on her flock. They are six months old and will be laying really soon.

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JennsPeeps said...

Coop looks good! Congrats on finishing it. I totally identify with talking constantly about chickens.

Love reading your site. I'm also "pushing my suburban envelope" with a trial this summer of a veggie garden. So far it's going well and I plan to expand it next summer.

Can't wait to hear more about adventutes in beekeeping.