Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Decision has been Made.

You know, to our Hawk problem. My dear husband made this chicken tractor. We still need to permanently add the shade and we still plan on adding wheels to help move it around. Other than that, it's done. It lets the chickens out into the open air and on grass, movable, it keeps them out of the veggies and the dog away from the AND keeps the hawks from having a meal. The chickens still go into the coop at night to be locked away and safe.

I really did look into getting geese but I couldn't really find any that I could get until next year. And at that, they would only be goslings. AND not to mention that I could possible drive the neighbors nuts. I mean, I already have the chickens, geese would most likely be the last straw.

So this will keep them safe and outside for now. As free ranging as we can get.

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