Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Am I as smart as a chicken?

Well, not all the time. We are in a heat advisory and what do I do? I go out and about sweating through 3 layers of clothing. Well if I go back in time and I burn my bra with the feminists, that could elliminate 1 layer but sadly, things have headed south since having children and I would need a time machine for that too. LOL.
Anyway, dripping in 3 layers of clothing, I stand outside watching my chickens stay in the shade. So much so that they run from shadded area to shadded area, never hanging around in the HOT BURNING SUNSHINE. I Love the Midwest in August (Dripping with Sarcasm). Ok, it could be worse, it could be the southwest. :D

The Garden is doing pretty well. Except for all the water that I have to spend watering it. Time to make my rain barrels.

Which also reminds me, have you started your fall garden seeds yet. Better get to it. Me too!


Susan said...

LOL, but in the Southwest, it's a dry heat! And, yep, chickens know best! Of course, they ARE covered with all that nice insulation!

I hope our fall garden does better than the summer one has. Between chickens and groundhogs and the funky weather, not much has been happening here. Lots of cucumbers though. Lots. Of. Cucumbers. And we don't like pickles, she shrugs.

Sorry about your chickie loss. I've been really fortunate with only one close call. Knocking on wood. Hugs.

comerrick said...

Well we can't get enough of the cucumbers here, send them this way!