Sunday, July 20, 2008

Keeping Bees

My father kept bees once when I was a kid. That was before the horse got to the hive in the winter and killed them off. But I have been around bees before, just not as the beekeeper. Yet, I cannot see the downside of not keeping them. I have been in my garden at least once a day and except for early spring, I have not heard the familiar buzz of the honey bee making it's rounds. It's sad really but the suburbs have done their darnedest to remove all that is good in nature. I have seen many a blossom fade out without the helping hand of the wonderful honey bee in my garden and I have had enough. I want my own bees! I have to wait until next early spring before I can get my own by mail. But in the meantime I have researched what it will take to lawfully keep bees around here and so far it is looking like a large task. First, I have to fill out a petition at the city hall. I plan on doing that tomorrow. Then the clerk gives that over to the police department who sends an officer to check out my yard and my plans. That officer then takes his recommendation to the city board who votes on whether I can keep bees or not. I guess the only good thing that I have going for my is the recent release of "The Bee Movie". I know, juvenile, but really, I think that will be the only research that the city council will do concerning the matter. I plan on building a Top Bar Hive, more on that later, and keep them in the corner of my back yard that borders the big field of the high school. I also plan on building a 6 ft Fence around it so as to raise their flight plan above anyone in the yard. In the meantime, I keep researching and learning all I can about them, like this wonderful article by a 14 year old girl that helps her family keep bees in the city. The Bees and Me.

But one nice thing in putting the word out that I want to keep bees in that I have ran into a lady at church who's family can no longer take care of the bees that they have. She has suggested that I could do that for them and I jumped at the offer! Why not! They have all the books and all the equipment. So I will set out soon to check out their situation and then get the bees ready for the fall and subsequently the winter. I will still have access to some wonderful local honey despite how the city rules.

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Anonymous said...

I want bees, too, one day. My grandpa had several hives when I was growing up, a few at our place, some at his and some at other friends'/relatives' homes. Having access to honey is just a bonus compared to helping them do their jobs, isn't it?