Sunday, July 27, 2008

Herding Chickens

Well, let's just say, that it is a whole lot better than herding cats! The girls were just itching to be uncooped after church so I opened their door and out they went, practically flew! They were just a hoppin' and dancing when they got out. Nothing like wide open spaces. Well, it is a small suburban lot but to them, it's wide open. They gobbled up grass and bugs alike and were as content as content could be. But as the sun set, they were still on the other side of the house in the back yard so I thought it was best to herd them in. If you go slow enough, they just love to stick together, so that is what I did. Mine also like to stick next to the house because it gives them security. So I walked slowly behind them as they walked the whole perimiter to of the back of the house till them reached the open garage door. They ran right in and straight to their open coop. Yep, chickens are so much easier to herd than cats.



Susan said...

Hi Liv, I just read all your posts and love your writing. You're right on target when it comes to herding chickens. Sometimes I have to herd mine out of the trees with a plastic baseball bat! I don't hit them of course, just scoot the reluctant ones along. That cat herding video is the funniest thing I've ever seen! Thanks for posting it.

I can't remember your BYC name. I bookmarked your site a while ago, but forgot to write down your screen name. I'm BearSwampChick. I'll be back.

Sondra said...

Hi Liv,
When I was a girl my dad and grandpa raised chickens and turkeys on a small farm in Utah I've never even tried anything like this myself, but I have enjoyed reading about your efforts. You certainly are not a lazy woman. Bless you in your efforts. It's certainly going to give your little ones some interesting and fun memories.
By the way, I love the cat herding video!